About HG Art Gallery

HG Gallery is a new leading destination in Barcelona for new art experience. Located in Barcelona, HG Gallery maintains a diverse exhibition program with solo exhibitions of the gallery artists as well as group exhibitions, special projects and a concept store. HG Gallery represents the evolution in the partnership between Cristian B. Hunter and Martin C. Gatti who worked together for 15 years as a fashion photographers and contemporary artists. Both of them has wanted to launch a new gallery focused on the exploration of new avenues in terms of cultural significance and visual communication for years. The gallery's mission is to represent and support the work of emerging and stablished international artists working conceptually across media and challenging forms of creative expression, holding up a mirror to the contemporary culture, photography and fashion. This new space it’s located in front of the Casa de les Punxes, one of the most iconic buildings of Barcelona, designed by the modernist architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch in the Example of Barcelona.