UNTITLED (PLOT FOR DIALOGUE) - A tennis court inside a 16th century church

For UNTITLED (plot for dialogue), Asad Raza continues his exploration of unhabiting space with social practices, human and non-human beings, and objects. Raza responds to the architecture of the 16th century church by introducing flooring, lines, netting, racquets, iced jasmine tea, and coaches for a tennis-like game. He repurposes the church, a place of messages from higher authorities, into a space of two-way exchange and recreation. Raza's involvement in tennis is longstanding; he is an avid player and has written extensively on the subject. Here he reorirnts the sport as a refection on the importance of non-productive activities in a society focused on work. For Raza, the game serves as a method of absorving energetic drives into symbolic but non-harmful practices.

03.11.17 / 16.12.17